Workshop #1 in Northampton 1/24!

Workshop Series  for the women of Western MA

Workshops explore Jewish texts focusing on the creative power of women, incorporating movement and meditation into the learning experience.

WHEN: Thursday, Jan. 24th, 7:30-9:00pm

WHERE: Lander Grinspoon Academy  (257 Prospect St., Northampton)


SIGN-UP: email or call (732) 406-0385.

(The following workshop is the second of a five-part series available in both the Upper and Lower Valleys.)

Workshop #1

Creating Ideas: Exploring Innovations

 As women we are both creators and facilitators, nurturing our own creations while also supporting the endeavors of others. Participants will reflect upon their personal innovations, and confront the challenge posed by creations that evolve to take on a life all their own. This challenge is emphasized in a Talmudic tale of Moses traveling through time to study in the classroom of Rabbi Akiva.

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