Workshop #3 Lower Valley 2/21

The next Beit Midrash in Motion workshop has a NEW DATE!

Thursday, February 21st , 6:30-8:00PM

Springfield JCC (1160 Dickinson St.)

Tired of sitting at a table, studying from a book or listening to a lecture? Wish you had more opportunities to connect with other women and dish about life? Want to nourish your body without a treadmill?

Join Beit Midrash in Motion for an alternative Jewish learning experience that incorporates movement and meditation, invigorating your mind, body & soul.

Workshop #3: Creation Blocked

As women we are caregivers, creators, and mothers, whether biological or otherwise. However sometimes we find that our creativity is blocked. There are moments in which we struggle to find the words we are looking for, the visions we need, and the new creations we are hoping for. In this workshop we will explore texts that present breakthroughs to those barriers and explore a path forward in difficult times.

(The following workshop is the third of a five-part series available in both the Upper and Lower Valleys. The final session will be a joint workshop bringing together Upper and Lower Valley participants.)

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COST: $5

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