Talmudic Tales

Talmudic Tales

Beit Midrash in Motion’s Talmudic Tales series features workshops that are structures around stories that appear throughout the Talmud.  Included in these tales are stories, aggadot, which are humorous, shocking, heart-breaking, and fascinating.  They beg the question, why would the Talmud–a scholarly piece of Jewish literature with a strong focus on legal discussion, logical proofs, and dialectical debates–include these tangential tales?

In our exploration of these Talmudic tales Beit Midrash in Motion workshops will create an opportunity for participants to unpack these surprising stories and discover depth, truth, and inspiration.

Beit Midrash in Motion is constantly working to create new workshops, and is always open to suggestions for new tales to purse.


Some of our current workshops include:


For more information on these workshops, please email: info@BeitMidrashInMotion.com.