Vision Statement

Our Vision

Jewish Study

Beit Midrash in Motion is inspired by a phrase from the Friday evening liturgy, “rav lach shevet.” Rav Lach Shevet literally means “you have been sitting for too long”, and serves as the motivation for an alterantive approach to Jewish study.  Beit Midrash in motion is a Jewish study hall experience incorporating movement and meditation into traditional text study.  In a setting more yoga studio than traditional study hall, Beit Midrash in Motion delves into powerful and thought-provoking Talmudic tales, liturgical texts, and Biblical narratives.  Through movement and textual analysis, communities of learners decipher ancient passages in ways that are deeply personal and contemporary.


The phrase ‘Rav Lach Shevet ‘is excerpted from the Lecha Dodi hymn, traditionally recited at the onset of Shabbat.  The full phrase translates as: “Too long have you been sitting in the valley of crying; G-d will bestow upon you comfort.”  True to its inspiration, Beit Midrash in Motion workshops create an environment steeped in the healing power of movement and Jewish learning.  Ample opportunities for self reflection create a space of healing for individuals and community alike.