La’ad Dance



La’ad Dance stems from a Rabbinic acronym commonly used by commentators to introduce their opinions as it stands for “L’fi aniut da’ati”(in my humble opinion).  As an English acronym, La’ad stands for Learn. Ask. Analyze. Dance.




In addition to hosting a Beit Midrash in Motion worshop, you can add a performance component brought to you by La’ad Dance.

La’ad Dance is a Jewish women’s performing arts company designed to promote the expression of Jewish women’s artistic talent and creativity.  The group creates performances that explore a specific Jewish theme.  These performances interweave dance, song, music, and Jewish text and attempt to inspire and impact audiences.

 La’ad Dance’s repertoire (all original dance works):

  • Chag Ha’ahava
  • Come Back
  • Dror Yikrah
  • Eretz
  • Nachamu

  • Kanfei Ha’Chayot
  • Kol Galgal
  • Love Theme 
  • Ma Od Nevakesh 
  • Nashei Tzahal
  • Romeo
  • Sefarad

Im Ein Ani Li Mi Li


Performance at the JCC of Manhattan: