Do I need to have dance experience?

Absolutely not!  Beit Midrash in Motion’s courses are created with the intention of helping dancers and non-dancers alike delve deeper into Jewish text.  You will never be expected to execute a particular dance step or to learn a piece of complex choreography.  Our movement vocabulary focuses on creative and spontaneous physical expression and is open to anyone interested in moving.

Do I need to have a background in Jewish learning?

Absolutely not! Beit Midrash in Motion is intended for anyone interested in learning, and thus previous learning experience is not a prerequisite.  All texts used in our courses will always include both the original text as well as an English translation.  Textual discussions will include any background material relevant to a particular text and will challenge learners of all backgrounds to look at classic and esoteric Jewish texts from a new and deeply personal perspective.

What should I wear to a Beit Midrash in Motion workshop?

We recommend comfortable clothing  well suited for movement, sitting on the floor, and  focusing on spiritual exploration.

How can I attend a Beit Midrash in Motion workshop?

In the future our vision includes having our own beit midrash studio where students would be able to come and study at their convenience.  Currently, our beit midrash is more similar to the Tabernacle than the Temple in Jerusalem in that we travel.  If you would like to organize a workshop or a workshop series in your neighborhood, please email: dalia@BeitMidrashInMotion.com.

What topics do Beit Midrash in Motion workshops cover?

Anything Jewish!  Our workshops are individually designed and are therefore well-suited for any and all Jewish topics. We have a list of topics already in our repertoire, but we are constantly creating new workshops and we are always looking for suggestions and ideas.