Women’s Voices in Motion

  • Women have been dancing from biblical times to the present. 
  • Women have shared particular challenges in life from biblical times to the present.
  • Women’s voices have often been absent, ignored, or silenced from biblical times to the present.

Let us give voice to our collective experiences through DANCE.

Women’s Voices in Motion is Beit Midrash in Motion’s creative way to share women’s voices with the world, and to inspire social change in the Jewish community.  Women’s Voices in Motion is comprised of dance performances choreographed to express the stories of biblical and contemporary women.  These powerful performances will be interactive, engaging audiences in text study and thoughtful communal reflection intended to propel social change.


Women’s Voices in Motion’s first project:

UPROOTED: A Jewish Response to Infertility.

Check out the link to learn more!


UPROOTED is in the midst of a crowd funding campaign.  Help support the creation of this performance and open the doors for women’s voices to be heard in our community in a new and evocative way.